Duel of the Devs

I recently participated in the GitHub Game Off competition. I’ve been doing some JavaScript game development in my spare time, and this was the perfect chance to share as well as focus those efforts into a single release.

The game demo, titled “Duel of the Devs”, is an HTML5 web based game that runs in modern browsers on desktops and mobile devices. All rendering is done using a single canvas element. This is important because I want to be able to use WebGL in the future, or explore other platform and graphic options that do not rely on the DOM.

In the game, you play a fighting monk who must defeat a ninja and his shadow clones. The real ninja runs around cloning himself. His clones will turn to a puff of smoke if hit once, or if the original is defeated. The ninja can take a few hits before going down which ends the game. There are some credits to wrap up the experience.

I have to thank my love Sun for the awesome character design and animation. You can read more about what we used and download the full source code here.


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